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Want to create lists that might help you generate more clients? Do you need sample forms or examples of business plans? The library offers many of the amenities of an office but with the addition of professional librarians.


Library Services


Bring your laptop! We have free wireless access and numerous power outlets throughout the library. Click here to view our Wi-Fi Patron Use Terms & Conditions.


We have several public workstations containing Microsoft Office 2021. If you don't have a MPLD library card, you may obtain a guest pass.

       Click Here to view our Computer and Internet Use Policy.


You may print from all of the public computers. We have black and white (10¢/page) and color (50¢/page) printers.

Remote/Wi-Fi Printing

Print documents from your Internet connected device to our Tech Center printer near the Questions Desk. You can print from your laptop inside the library or print from home. Jobs will be held in the queue for two (2) hours, and are deleted after they are printed. Black & white is .10 each and color printing is .50 each.

Click here to print wirelessly and follow the on-screen instructions. 

Copy Machines

We have black and white (10¢/page) and color (50¢/page) copy machines.


       We have a scan station so that you can scan images and documents to email or USB drive. This is a free service. 

Outgoing Fax Machine

We have an outgoing fee based Fax machine for public use to send domestic and international faxes. The fee is $1 per page for faxes send within the US and Canada. International faxes are $3 for the first page of the fax and $1 per every additional page. There is an option of adding a cover page for an additional $1.  If you have email, you may select "Email Confirmation" to be notified of the status of your fax. 

Study Rooms

There are three small group study rooms available. Each room holds four people. Same day reservations only. Reservations must be made in person.  For more information click here

Meeting Rooms

 To find out more about reserving a meeting room click here.


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