Mission Statement

The McHenry Public Library District enriches community life through responsive library services that meet diverse informational and recreational needs.


Vision Statement

Yesterday's Wisdom ... Today's Knowledge ... Tomorrow's Dreams


Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Statement

Statement from the Library Board of Trustees

The McHenry Public Library District, through its collections, services, programs, and policies, aspires to be an equitable, diverse, inclusive community resource that strives to meet the needs of all community members. We are committed to ensuring that every library patron, visitor, volunteer, MPLD staff and Board member is welcomed to a comfortable, safe and supportive Library by being treated with respect and dignity.

Discrimination, bigotry, and racism will not be tolerated. The Board and staff are dedicated to fostering a culture based on open, respectful experiences that allow us all to learn about and value one another as individuals with different perspectives and backgrounds. This statement is an extension of our Mission Statement and informs all that we do, enriching our work and helping us enhance all the communities we serve. -- August 16, 2022


Statement On Censorship

Statement from the Library Board of Trustees

The McHenry Public Library District is committed to representing the diverse viewpoints of the community, as reflected through its Mission and Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion statements and Materials  Selection Guidelines. The McHenry Public Library District is dedicated to safeguarding the intellectual freedom of its users and will not tolerate censorship of its materials. The library's collection will not be influenced by any group or individual with partisan agendas. Moreover, the library will not withdraw any items from its collection merely because certain individuals or groups object to the material or its contents.-- January 16, 2024